Historic Rehabilitation Consultation

AHS staff members frequently participate on teams with architects and engineers to assess the physical condition of historic buildings and engineering structures, and consider how historic resources can be used or adapted for various purposes. We reconstruct sequences of building construction, distinguish original elements from later modifications, assess historical significance, and advise on the historic preservation implications of potential design treatments.

Featured Project

Old State House Restoration

AHS staff compiled a complete documentary history of Hartford’s 1796 Old State House as part of a major renovation/restoration project. The extensively researched product, entitled The Old State House: A Documentary History of its Construction, Furnishings, and Alterations, provided the project architect with a detailed chronology of changes over time.



Other Project Examples

Spring Street Bridge Rehabilitation

AHS served as the historic preservation consultant for the design team studying options for rehabilitating a c.1900 double stone-arch bridge in Manchester, Connecticut.


Consulting for Historic Building Analysis and Assessment

AHS staff have worked with engineers and architects on building analysis and advising on rehabilitation for many historic houses.