AHS is an award-winning cultural resource management (CRM) firm based in Storrs, Connecticut. Incorporated in 1995, AHS is an affiliate of PAST, Inc., a nonprofit archaeological and historical research organization established in 1976. AHS provides professional consulting services in the fields of archaeology, history, historic architecture and landscapes, preservation planning, museum exhibit development, and public education. A full-service firm, we provide top-quality CRM services for every type of archaeological and historical resource.

At AHS, we work hard to balance cultural resource management with development projects, finding creative, practical solutions that help clients meet regulatory requirements related to historic preservation. We believe that public and private expenditure for cultural resource management deserves the highest-quality product at a reasonable price. With over 600 projects in our portfolio, we have built a reputation for consistent, timely delivery of excellent products that readily pass regulatory review.

Much of our work involves helping our clients navigate the CRM requirements of federal, state, and local regulations. We explain the regulatory review process and develop a clear plan of action, tailored to our clients and project needs. AHS’s approach is interdisciplinary because most projects involve a variety of historic resources. Our staff of prehistoric, historic and industrial archaeologists, geoarchaeologists and underwater archaeologists; historians, architectural historians and industrial historians; preservation planners, conservators, and curators work together to ensure that we provide the high-quality service and products that our clients expect.  Senior staff members hold advanced degrees in relevant fields and meet National Park Service qualifications standards in the disciplines of history, archaeology, and architectural history.

AHS is a state-certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire.